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Gotta get git

Two more big weeks at GNOME, and Marina has reminded me that my internship is already halfway over.  This made me sad, until I remembered I don’t have to leave… ever!

These weeks were full:

  • Allan Day, Sri and I had a successful meeting using Google hangout, where we discussed the redesign of, a restructuring of the news process, and tried on reindeer disguises. We couldn’t help but be impressed with the hangout, which worked perfectly with our 3 different operating systems. Since then, Sri has worked tirelessly to create a test space for me to start building the site. I attempted to load the gnome-grass theme to my own hosted space as a fall-back, but encountered php errors when activating the theme. I’m working on solving that, but it would probably be better to have space on existing GNOME servers. THANK YOU to Sri and Andrea Veri for all their work.
  • I started on the task of writing an article about the GNOME “Thank You Pants Award” for the Annual Report. To that end, past pants winners, Matthias Clasen and Gil Forcada have obliged me by answering several interview questions regarding this creative award given annually for service to the GNOME community. I hope to write an amusing entry for the Report by next week.
  • On Joanie Diggs’ suggestion, I have started working on updating the GNOME deployments page on the wiki. It is sorely out of date, and does not present a good or current portrait of GNOME in the real world. The very good news is that, with Marina’s help,  I have already tracked down some unmentioned projects of note, and am hopeful of finding more. Our marketing efforts depend on us proving the viability of GNOME by being able to cite real-world usability. I’m happy to contribute to that end.
  • During an OPW intern meeting, we discussed a fun new design project to improve the women’s intern application process and new intern introduction process by creating a series of comics outlining these areas for contributors. I plan to help with this once it gets going.
  • I’m happy to report that on Tuesday, I got my git privileges instated, thanks to Andrea Veri and Vinicius Depizzol, creator of the Gnome grass wordpress theme. I hope this will make me more effective helping out with the web development task load, which is hefty right now. Little tasks like updating the a11y progress banner on can be done so quickly when you can git push!
  • Last, but not least, I’m going to start creating some of the hackergotchis that some of you have been waiting for! Look for more floating heads coming your way!!

So, I’m busy… and it’s all good.

P.S. If any of you are going to the developer conference in Brno, I’d sure love to connect with you about doing a short report from the event for GNOME news-