Archive for March, 2012

News has been the main theme of my last weeks at GNOME. The new website is still a work in progress, but getting closer to the goal all the time. Take a look at the site here.

One of the portions I’m excited about is the fact that we will be providing a place for people inside or outside of the GNOME community to contribute their own articles, story ideas, or event announcements from the site. These submissions will be sent to a “News Crew” mailing list, where they will be edited and then included on the site. Much of what is included on will then be fed to and social media. So, the submission section has the possibility of really invigorating the news process for GNOME and making it more “open source”. I hope it also results in some fun and interesting stories.

I really hope the new version of will be a benefit to GNOME, inspiring more communication inside the community and refreshing the public face of GNOME.

I also got to contribute to the design of a cool new comic outlining the application process for the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. This project was such a great example of the “community” process in action. Yu Liansu, Tamara, Meg Ford and Marina Zhurakhinskaya and I all collaborated to make the comic happen. We had a couple of emails that crossed in the ethers, but the collaboration really worked very well.  I spread the info about the program to several forums in the last couple of days, so I hope our comic presentationand helps women feel more comfortable and supported in the application process.